11 Jul 2023

11 jul. 2023

11 jul. 2023


Silke Zegers

Sustainable employability

Invest in your employees with sustainable employability

In a rapidly changing labor market, the sustainable employability of employees has become essential. But what exactly does it entail? How do you make employees sustainably employable? And how can organizations increase sustainable employability? In this blog, we answer these questions and discover how it contributes to a successful organization.

What is sustainable employability?

Sustainable employability refers to employees' ability to remain productive and engaged in their careers over time. Of course, as an L&D professional, you know very well what sustainable employability means, but for clarity's sake, let us briefly explain it. Sustainable employability is about retaining a job and possessing the necessary skills, motivation, and health to continue delivering valuable work. It revolves around creating a resilient and healthy work environment in which employees can develop and contribute to the organization's goals. Sustainable employability not only benefits your employees but also your organization.

What is included in sustainable employability?

Sustainable employability encompasses several elements that together form a comprehensive approach. To give you a better idea, we list some examples of how you, as an L&D professional, can create sustainably employable employees:

  1. Encouraging personal development.

  2. Offering career opportunities.

  3. Promoting a good work-life balance.

  4. Creating a positive, inclusive, and healthy work environment.

  5. Supporting employees' physical and mental well-being.

 Colleagues in conversation

How do you make employees sustainably employable?

To make employees sustainably employable, it is important to invest in their development and growth. You can achieve this by offering online learning activities where employees can acquire new skills and expand their knowledge. An online academy provides a comprehensive solution, offering learning activities and the ability to enhance and measure employees' skills. Additionally, creating a healthy work environment that promotes employees' physical and mental well-being contributes to their sustainable employability. Flexible working hours, remote work options, and providing a healthy workspace are important factors in this regard.

Furthermore, it is essential to engage in regular conversations with employees, appreciate their feedback, and involve them in decision-making processes. By actively supporting your employees' development, ensuring their well-being, and increasing their engagement, you make them sustainably employable, laying a strong foundation for future success.

How can you increase sustainable employability?

To increase sustainable employability, your organization can take various measures. Firstly, it is crucial to invest in training and development, ensuring that your employees continuously develop and possess relevant skills. This ensures that your employees remain sustainably employable. This can be achieved through internal and external methods, such as e-learning and microlearning in the online academy.

Additionally, paying attention to talent management and career guidance is advisable. Identifying employees' potential and offering growth opportunities within your organization motivates employees and increases their engagement. Motivated and engaged employees are vital when aiming for sustainable employability.

Prepare your organization for the future

By investing in the growth and development of your employees, you make them sustainably employable and increase sustainable employability within your organization. An easy and efficient way to do this is through an online academy. Therefore, in our whitepaper, we share everything about realizing sustainable employability and its benefits.

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?