28 Jun 2023

28 jun. 2023

28 jun. 2023


Silke Zegers


Prepare for the challenges of performance management

In performance management, it's about much more than just the performance of your organization in numbers. You truly put the employee at the center of performance management. This is done to assess and evaluate the return on learning for each individual employee. However, to do this effectively, attention needs to be given to personal objectives. But how do you handle this personal approach in a good way? What should you pay attention to and how can you measure it? In this blog, you will discover how to address the challenges of performance management.

Time and effort

We understand that managers are constantly confronted with a hectic work environment. In that same work environment, it is important to engage in performance management. But what challenges does this bring? Effectively managing performance requires extra effort and individual guidance of employees. Writing evaluations and conducting discussions require extra hours in addition to a manager's regular tasks. To effectively manage performance, managers need to invest extra time and effort. Effectively, this time and effort leads to better employee growth and improved organizational performance. Therefore, it is important not to see this challenge as an obstacle but as an investment.

Discipline and patience

Managing performance is not about quick results. It requires patience, discipline, and a thoughtful approach. It is important to be well-prepared and take small steps. Trying to integrate all business processes simultaneously is not only impossible, but also unproductive and sometimes even risky. It is wiser to start with core processes and then carefully go through the performance management cycle's roadmap before integrating new processes. You can discover the necessary steps and how to apply the cycle in our whitepaper.

performance management

The reward for your efforts

Performance management presents challenges, but it brings many benefits to both your organization and employees. Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to optimize the way your organization approaches performance management. By preparing well for the challenges, you can better monitor performance and make necessary adjustments. This will lead to better results for your organization and stimulate growth.

The success factors of performance management

To guarantee and measure success, certain success factors need to be established. Failing to meet these conditions can bring risks when implementing changes. Examples of these success factors include:

  • A clear strategic direction

  • A clear understanding of the problem

  • Active involvement of top management and supporting technology

Take your organization's performance management to the next level today

Although performance management can be challenging, with the right approach and involvement, your organization can overcome these obstacles and promote growth. Do you want to learn more about the approach your organization needs? Read this whitepaper to discover everything about effectively implementing performance management.

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?