12 Oct 2023

12 okt. 2023

12 okt. 2023


Kristen Bos

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9 motivation strategies to increase engagement

As an L&D professional, you are constantly looking for ways to increase team and employee engagement. In this blog, we share nine motivation strategies that you can use to keep employees motivated and enthusiastic for maximum productivity and success.

Strategy 1 - The Preparation

Start with a solid introduction to your online academy. As an L&D professional, come up with a fun launch that gets employees engaged before they begin their first e-learning course. For example, have a naming contest for the online academy or provide a fitting gadget/card. Motivation starts even before they have access to the online academy.

Strategy 2 - Make it Personal

Everyone likes to feel special, so create a personalized experience. Each employee has a personal profile, giving them responsibility for their development. Rakoo is designed to motivate employees to return to the academy through personal use.

Strategy 3 - Interaction in the Online Academy is Essential

Interactive elements in your online academy motivate employees to complete e-learning courses or start new ones. Online role-playing, simulations, e-learning games, and interactive videos are all tools to boost interaction.

Strategy 4 - Compete with Online Entertainment

Creating creative content in the face of online channel competition is challenging for an L&D professional. Create e-learning on interesting topics and communicate what employees can expect in advance to manage expectations.

Strategy 5 - Recognize and Reward Employees

Recognition not only encourages positive behavior but also promotes better performance and higher engagement. As an L&D professional, you can integrate learning activities focused on rewarding achievements with points, levels, or prizes. Including performance in this process increases employee engagement.

Motivate to increase engagement

Strategy 6 - Add the (Digital) Social Factor

Social interaction provides a valuable way to reinforce knowledge. In Rakoo, you can seek the opinions of others through peer reviews, creating engagement.

Strategy 7 - Ensure Managers Embrace the Learning Platform

Gain the support of managers for the online academy. Managers must view the online academy as an important tool for both personal growth and organizational development.

Strategy 8 - Encourage Digital Collaboration

As an L&D professional, it is important to encourage digital collaboration within teams. This builds trust and openness within the company culture. Having shared goals promotes communication and contributes to employee success. Configure the online academy to encourage online collaboration.

Strategy 9 - Provide Effective Learning Activities

Offer effective learning activities that are pedagogically strong. E-learnings should have a clear purpose. As an L&D professional, create a logical structure in the learning activities so that employees can fully concentrate on the content and supplement it with practical examples or exercises if necessary.

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Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?

Do you want to stay up to date on learning and performance on a monthly basis?